Presenting with impact (Schaarbeek)

Being able to give an impactful presentation is one of the most in-demand skills in today’s world. Do you want to learn how to enjoy presenting to others? To stand in front of a group with confidence and have more impact on your audience?

This training will give you the tools to convey your message and ideas to others with impact. A must for anyone who gives presentations to colleagues or clients.

Results at the end of this training

  • You can create a clear and convincing presentation in 6 steps.
  • You know the elements that make an impactful presentation.
  • You know how to keep the attention of your audience by making contact and using non-verbal communication.
  • You know how storytelling can enrich your presentation with 3 concrete techniques.
  • You have a clear presentation structure and time organization.
  • You learn to understand your strengths and weaknesses through constructive feedback and experience the result on your own presentation quality.

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