Using time management as self-management: the essence of planning and organising (Online)

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your work? Wanting to manage time is impossible, because whatever we do, time never stands still. But controlling the way we deal with unforeseen circumstances, interruptions or urgent matters is something we can work on.

Time management is easy once we accept that time cannot be managed and that we are in control of the way we manage our time! Our behaviour, our habits, and our conditioning influence the way we manage our time. Why? What lies behind this? Discover how you can eliminate certain time-consuming activities.

Results at the end of this training

In this interactive online class, you will receive tips and strategies in self-management. It is focused both on planning and organising your own activities and on managing your colleagues and customers, helping you to effectively achieve your planning.

This training is not about learning how to use Outlook or MSProject tools or Microsoft 365, etc.

After the training:

  • You will understand how your personality and immediate work environment have an impact on managing your working time.
  • You can plan better according to your professional goals & priorities.
  • You can develop routines in terms of planning your work.
  • You know how to better overcome lost time or time wasters.
  • You can better organise and plan your work where you have an impact.

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